Delphine Diallo at Home & Waterside

We are please to highlight Delphine Diallo participation at  the upcoming group exhibition "She Appeared to Vanish", which will take place across two leading cross-artform venues in Manchester, HOME & Waterside


She Appeared to Vanish showcases work by international artists who question the representation of women across visual culture, using strategies that disrupt, frustrate and challenge the camera’s unblinking gaze; a gaze historically associated with an objectifying male perspective.


The work in the exhibition asks the viewer, to consider the act of viewing the female form and its historical and contemporary implications.


The exhibition makes a virtue of difference with the work cutting across cultural and continental boundaries and traditions. And yet, for their diversity, an uncanny sense of mystery and tension permeates through all the work, each operating in the charged space between absence and presence; disguise and disclosure.


On view September 10 - November 21 2021.



August 25, 2021