The Masons : Into the Light - The Awakening

26 November 2022 - 28 January 2023
Into the light - The Awakening"  creates a  preview space for exploration, challenging the cultural norms.

Boogie-Wall  will exhibit during the fall and winter seasons works by photograher duo artist the Masons. On view at the gallery'space on Piccadilly London,

This exhibition tells the powerful narrative around n
ature, relationships, the range of human emotions form the basis of all Donna-Marie and Maruska’s work, leading to a portfolio that feels honest and raw. "Into the light - The Awakening"  brings together their two very different backgrounds and places Donna-Marie at the centre as the subject. 

Maruska grew up in slovenia surrounded by  mountains, lakes and the sea, nature is very much at the centre of her being - the project is photographed by her, using her tight connection with nature as a visual frame. However "into the light - the awakening"  creates space for exploration, challenging the cultural norms and focuses on Donna-Marie's personal journey of stepping into her light through the awakening of her relationship with nature, with the aim to expand the message to a wider audience. 
About the artists

The Masons 's work is a blend of two very different worlds that they come from but with a very unified message and visual approach. They capture complexity of characters and real emotion in a dramatic and bold style and champion unconventional beauty. Inspired by nature, human connection & people who break boundaries and are not afraid to lead the change, they explore diversity and equality in a timeless style with an edge, always pushing and allowing for their subject’s personality and stories to shine through.

The duo is particularly well known for storytelling focused photography and treatment of skin and challenging outdated notions with honest, empowering, and positive representations of different cultures.

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