The Masons - Maruska and Donna-Marie Mason are a photography and directing duo, partners in life and also partners in creativity. The Masons creativite landscape is honed in from a photography,  Film & TV backgrounds. 


Donna-Marie, born in London, graduated from London College of Fashion where she found her true love for photography. Her love for creativity and self expression led to work in Costume Design across Film & TV, where she would channel her creativity through storytelling which soon opened up a world of directing and photography. Maruska, born in Slovenia, comes from an academic background however after graduating from Law decided to pursue her creativity and self expression through her photography & directing. Maruska moved to London soon after meeting Donna-Marie in 2007 and the pair later joined their creative forces with the aim to start telling their own stories that they felt haven't been seen but needed to be told through their own visual expression.The Masons bring their distinct backgrounds together to create a unique style and redefine the cultural narrative. 


Their work is a blend of two very different worlds that they come from but with a very unified message and visual approach. They capture complexity of characters and real emotion in a dramatic and bold style and champion unconventional beauty. Inspired by nature, human connection & people who break boundaries and are not afraid to lead the change, they explore diversity and equality in a timeless style with an edge, always pushing and allowing for their subject’s personality and stories to shine through.


The Masons are particularly well known for storytelling focused photography and treatment of skin and challenging outdated notions with honest, empowering, and positive representations of different cultures.