Roescheisen is a multimedia fine artist. Her work deals with spiritual and human investigations. She engages and nurtures investigations on a shared human, and spiritual, condition.


Born in 1982 in Rosenheim, Germany, Roescheisen is the granddaughter of notable German artist Ernst Moritz Geyger (1861-1941). Deeply drawn to the iconography and symbolism of Medieval art and architecture from a young age, she graduated from the Elite University of Ludwig Maximilian, Munich, with a Master’s Degree in History of Art, Political Philosophy and Folklore Art (2005).


Building on the impact and symbolism of color in its ability to evoke human emotions, she addresses themes ranging from the self & the other, the inner & outer world, the visible & the invisible, dream & reality, while consistently suggesting shifts in perspective. Drawn to how the human body interacts with and reacts to its sensitive environment – colors, textures, and sounds – she places physicality at the root of her creative process. Her body becomes an inherent part of the artwork, both object and subject of it, whether performative or materialized. Exploring the imperceptible, she exposes the invisible, the intangible, and the inaudible’s transient yet boundless influence over our physical and emotional selves.


Roescheisen’s early work (2013—2017/18) reveals an autobiographical element, which she cultivates through the underlying concepts of iconography, poetry, literature as they manifest in Medieval art, German Romanticism, Gothic architecture, and fairy tales. In a subtle interplay between dream and reality, her work drifts between childhood and adulthood, laying bare hidden depths of human existence through diverse artistic mediums.

Her video works, considered by the artist as “paintings in motion and emotion,” are slow and deliberate. A chromatic visual tableau, her part-sculpture part-video La Pietà (2013) revisits medieval Christian iconography, all-the-while engaging with the relationship between mother and child, the construction of the self, and feminine identity. Bridging Grey (2017—2019), her most recent performance video piece, pursues this cinematic narration as she poetically and incisively repaints the world of human emotions. Weaving the gradual flow of images with musical compositions, they shape a new level of interpretation, encouraging the viewer to exist outside of space and time and retreat into his emotional self.


Emerging into a new realm of artistic freedom, Roescheisen’s recent works, predominantly drawing and painting, shift to a new form and state of artistic, and human, presence. Autobiographical motifs move to the background, and a bold and direct presence emanates from the works as they transpire a new form of emotional and sensorial authenticity.


Experimenting with pigments and minerals, her palette of vivid colors, already perceptible in her video work, continues to thrive in her work. Roescheisen delves further into the aesthetics and embodiment of color as a mirror onto human emotions.


As she increasingly roots her body in her creative process, shapes and structures intuitively align on the canvas, thus composing a new visual theosophical thought. In Vibrational Strings (2019—2021), she develops a shared visual language that resonates with her viewer – one that she cultivates and deepens in her ongoing series, Flying Dragons (2020—2021). Conjuring a sense of essential strength, her new work conveys a suspension of powerful and raw tenderness, at the seam of the rational and the emotional.