Annina Roescheisen

Roescheisen is a multimedia fine artist. Her work includes video, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, performance art, and documentary. 


With a strong artistic heritage as the granddaughter of the German artist Ernst Moritz Geyger (1861-1941), Roescheisen graduated from the Elite University of Ludwig Maximilian, Munich. Roescheisen has a Masters in History of Art, political Philosophy and Folklore.


Roescheisen's multimedia works are held together by underlying concepts such as iconography, poetry, literature, medieval art, German Romanticism, Gothic architecture, the fairytale, the inspection of dream and reality, and the visible and invisible world. But above all her work deals with the observation, reflection and investigation of humans and their emotions.


Throughout her artistic practice a constant interplay between dream and reality takes place. The medium of video is used to further explore this relationship where it is considered 'painting in motion and emotion'. The videos are slow and deliberate, the music compositions shaped to form a new level of interpretation, encouraging the viewer to exist outside time constraints, constrictions and pressures. Her work shifts between childhood and adulthood, shedding light on human existence in all its forms.