Alice Herbst is a figurative painter from Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has been mainly exhibited in Sweden and Scandinavia.


Herbst graduated from the Swedish art school Gerlesborgsskolan in 2017 and have since then developed her abstract figurative style with influences from both the Impressionism and the postmodern era. Alice's work "depicts beautiful women being staged in a vintage manner - an environnement where Hitchcock movies meets Lucian Freud."


Painting is her most natural way to express herself. While in her teenage years, Alice Herbst suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. In her case, the illness affected her life severely until she found the tools to become healthy again. This experience is one of the main subjects in Herbst's motifs.


When we look at Alice Herbst painting on her easel, we first notice a serenity. Her brushstroke is precise. The scenes depicted are scenes of a dreamy everyday life in an idealized era that could be the 50s / 60s mixed with our present days. It then emerges from the set a strong and powerful fragility that leaves the viewer hypnotized.


She herself describes her paintings, "as parts of stories that could be self-experienced or inspired by daily observations".